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Africa Photo Safari Tour

For most people, the only place to see the animals of Africa up close and in person is at a zoo. Now it's time for a different wildlife experience. Join us for an Africa photo safari tour.


Not Just for Professional Photographers

Even the most novice professional photographer can be part of this safari. Learn the different techniques of spotting great wildlife photography opportunities. You will also receive tips about camera equipment, photography techniques and settings, all taking place in the field during your Africa photo safari tour. It is sure to be a great hands on lesson in how to best photograph animals.

What Will You See?

During your Africa photo safari tour, you will encounter many animals well known on the continent. Big cats such as lions and cheetahs, elephants, zebras and various birds of prey. We will also be making stops in some of the native villages along our route.


How the Africa Photo Safari is Set Up?

The safari is limited to 8 members, plus guides. There will be 3 to 4 vehicles at our disposal, so as to cover the most ground and provide you with the best chance to photograph memorable wildlife experiences. All vehicles are in constant radio contact to alert all safari members about any wildlife photography opportunities that present themselves. The Africa photo safari tour usually starts early, before sunrise. In the afternoon, when many animals tend to rest, we will return to camp to rest ourselves and have discussions on wildlife photography techniques. In the evening, we are back out in the field looking for more animals to photograph.


Photo Gallery

To get a good idea of what your Africa photo safari tour will look like, check out our photo gallery. There you can see the various animals you will have an opportunity to photograph.