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Day Tours in Barcelona

Day Tours in Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona, Spain is a popular tourist destination. The arts are a vital element of its cultural heritage. Artists’ influence can be felt beyond the city limits to the metropolitan area. Tourists interested in art find many enticing destinations to visit. This article briefly covers different day tours in Barcelona.

Figueres: Dali Museum

Salvador Dali was a surrealist painter born in 1904 in Figueres, Spain. This museum exhibits the largest collection of Dali’s work. Tourists should include a visit here in their day tours in Barcelona. Designed by Dali, it is covered with bread bun sculptures and, on top, sits giant eggs and gold mannequins. There is also Dali’s Cadillac, on which sits the sculpture of a woman. Other sculptures are found throughout, including collages, mechanical devices, and a living room with custom-made furniture.


Day tours in Barcelona should visit Tarragona, founded by the Romans. It is one of the most Roman-ruins intensive Spanish cities today. The National Archaeological Museum of Tarragona perches atop a hill overlooking the Mediterranean. It was built with stone used by the Romans and contains over 25,000 pieces of Roman artifacts. There are also walls in Tarragona City built by the Romans in 2nd century B.C. still standing.

Barcelona City

Antoni Gaudi, a Spanish architect, was born in 1852. Gaudi chose Barcelona as the place to exhibit his work. This city has many of Gaudi's rare, colorful buildings, such as Sagrada Familia. Day tours in Barcelona should not miss this artist's work in Park Güell. The park is worth visiting just for the mosaic, serpentine bench. Gaudi’s home is also there.
The Picasso Museum is another must-see for day tours in Barcelona.
These are four of many museums, churches and tourist attractions worth visiting in Barcelona.