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Gmat Math Prep

What Is The GMAT Exam?
If you're planning to go to business school as a graduate student, or more importantly, if you're hoping to get into one of the better business schools out there, you're going to need to take and do well on the GMAT exam first. Like the SAT and ACT exams required by four year higher learning institutions, the Graduate Management Admission Testis an indicator of a business student's pre-existing knowledge and comprehension skils. The test is a computer-based exam that takes on average about three hours to complete, and consists of several parts, including verbal, quantitative, and analytic. Verbal is fairly self-explanatory. How good are you at expressing and explaining yourself? The analytical section deals with understanding and figuring problems out. The important quantitative section deals with mathematics and lots of it.

Why GMAT Math Prep Is A Good Idea
You're good at math and can't see the point of GMAT math prep tutoring? The reality is that this a difficult and important part of the overall GMAT. This section of the test is worth between 0-60 points, and takers are permitted up to seventy five minutes to complete it. There are a total of thirty seven questions in this section, and questions are presented in two different ways. Most of the gmat example questions are multiple choice problem solving question in which the best of five possible answers must be chosen. About thirteen or fourteen of the questions deal with data sufficiencyin which test takers must determine if they've been given enough data to solve the problem. The two formats are used in no particular order throughout this section. While the questions themselves are no harder than those found on general high school exams, many takers succumb to test pressure and don't do as well on this section as they could have with Gmat test prep.

What A GMAT Math Prep Course Can Do For You
While none of the GMAT sections cover uncharted territory, test takers often forget much of the detailed information these tests require you to recall. online GMAT tutoring allows test takers to have one on one review of topics, allow for pre-exam testing to get used to the GMAT format, special help on weak test areas, and diagnostic reviews of study progress. The result is a more confident and proficient GMAT taker come exam time.