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Negev Desert your Gateway to Historical and Cultural Adventures

The Negev Desert is an ideal destination for any traveler. This is where visitors can experience a wide variety of exotic adventures. This landscape is very hot and dry throughout the year, but it can be extremely challenging during the brutal summer season. Winter is much more welcoming in the Negev Desert with cooler temperatures and some respite from the exhausting summer heat.


Visitors to the Negev Desert can explore ancient ruins and natural wonders that make this arid landscape such an interesting and unique place. Camel rides can be arranged or you may prefer an off-road vehicle for more rugged exploration.

The historically famous Dead Sea is a popular side-trip for numerous visitors. The salty water provides extreme buoyancy for those who want to personally experience this Middle Eastern attraction.

A trip to a Kibbutz offers a chance for tourists to learn more about daily life in this region.

Lodging Accommodations

Community tents are used to provide an authentic Bedouin experience at the Caravan Inn near Mitspe Ramon. Visitors can spend the night sleeping in a private room with a bath, or choose the communal sleeping arrangements of a Bedouin inspired tent. The Caravan Inn (Chan Ha Shayarot) will provide healthy, simple meals consisting of traditional foods or you can choose a Middle Eastern feast complete with grilled meats, hearty stews, desserts and special Bedouin dishes. Live music, dancing and other entertainment can also be provided.
There are other accommodations available for visitors to the Negev Desert. These include the Midreshet Ben Gurion near Ein Avdat; the Wilderness Guest House in Sde Boker or the Desert Olive Farm in Halutza, Arad Israel.

Special Attractions

The Sde Boker Kibbutz is where you can stay at an inexpensive hostel and learn more about the Negev Desert. Tourist information, meals and a friendly environment can all be discovered at Sde Boker.

If you enjoy biking then you may want to sign up to participate in one of the guided bike tours that will allow you to explore the Negev Desert. Mountain bikers and cross-country cycling enthusiasts can make reservations for the tour of their choice. Tours can last as long as 7-8 days and these trips will include nightly accommodations, drinks and food.

Hike the trails to the Ein Avdat gorge where panoramic views will delight and amaze you. This distinctive landmark is part of the area's National Park.

For a less demanding destination you may want to visit the Nabatean and Mamshit Ruins.

Choose your Adventure

With dozens of adventures awaiting you are sure to be busy each and every day. Whether you choose a camel ride or a trip to explore some ancient landmarks the Negev Desert  will provide you with thrilling memories you will cherish forever.