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Armored Vehicles Industry

The armored vehicles industry generally consists of two distinct areas. There are vehicles that are made for civil use and those that are for the military. The following information describes the projected outlook for the armored vehicle industry and the different types of vehicles that are used for civilians and the military.

Armored Vehicle Projected Outlook

In recent years cuts to defense budgets have caused the armored vehicle industry to remain sluggish. The commercial armored vehicle industry, however, is growing at a fairly steady pace. The combined market outlook for both the civil and military armored vehicle industry is expected to grow from almost 24 billion USD in 2016 to over 31 billion by 2021.

The reason behind the growth is expected to be primarily due to a rise in the demand for civilian armored vehicles. Because of the increase in armed violence and terrorism around the world a higher number of civilians have wanted to purchase armored vehicles.

Armored Vehicles for Civil Use

Many armored cars and trucks are used to transport VIPs, presidents, and other world leaders. These types of armored cars are made by replacing various aspects of the standard vehicle. This can include removing all the windows and inserting bullet proof glass. Other Types of non-military armored vehicles include rescue vehicles and fire engines.

The armor protects workers from explosions and other danger situations. Excavators and bulldozers are construction vehicles that are sometimes built with materials that will protect the drivers from falling debris. Armored vehicles are also used for transportation of prisoners and for transporting valuables such as weapons and cash.

Armored Vehicles for Military Use

There are dozens of armored vehicles that have been built for military use. A few different categories include infantry vehicles, personnel carriers, armored tanks, and combat support vehicles. Some of the most impressive military vehicles include the Stryker, which is an armored personnel carrier, and the Ford Class, which is a nuclear powered aircraft carrier.

Luxury Armored Vehicles

A few of the most expensive and luxurious armored vehicles include the following. The Kombat T98 was designed by a Russian manufacturer and costs approximately $1.5 million. The windows are gold plated and the interior consists of matte black leather.

The Cadillac One or "The Beast" as it is known is made of steel and titanium and is also about $1.5 million. The Mercedes Benz G63 AMG and the Knight XV are also considered top of the line commercial armored vehicles.