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Citrine Engagement Rings

Choosing an engagement ring is a serious decision. Not only is this jewelry an investment, but it is symbolic of commitment and a future together. Many people have considered citrine engagement rings as an alternative to traditional diamond rings. Citrine offers the opportunity for the engagement ring to stand out, with its unique color. There are several considerations to make before purchasing citrine engagement rings, to ensure everyone is happy with the decision.


When purchasing citrine engagement rings, quality should be the main consideration. Individuals should ensure they are purchasing from a reputable store, which will provide a certificate of authenticity.


Citrine engagement rings are available in a variety of cuts, like diamonds. Choosing the cut for a new ring is mostly a matter of preference. Some individuals prefer their rings with a traditional cut such as round, square or cushion cuts. For a cut that is less conventional, consider the Asscher, trilliant or radiant cuts. When choosing the overall look of the ring, it is better to choose the cut, or a few cuts, before deciding on a setting. In some cases, a specific setting may not look appealing with a certain cut, or the cut may limit available settings.


The setting of citrine engagement rings is another important component of selection. Since the stone is highly unique, it would work well as a solitaire ring, paired with a white gold or platinum band. With such a simple setting, the stone will stand out. However, more complex settings are equally beautiful. A setting with diamonds on either side or all around the stone will create an eye-catching effect.

Citrine engagement rings are a unique and elegant way of proposing. They are equally as versatile as traditional engagement rings, but with a unique flare.