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Construction Security

Construction Security offers services to construction companies and other businesses in the process of renovations. When there is large equipment or a large amount of supplies left on site, the construction security can monitor for anyone trying to come on the property.

Valuable items in Construction Site

Large construction projects require someone to watch over the materials that are left on the property. Large equipment may also be a concern when the equipment is in a bad area of town or is in great demand. People that are thieves will steal this large equipment, supplies, and resale for money. Construction security officers will remain on property and walk the grounds during the night to keep people from being tempted to steal.

Experience and Background

A person applying to work as construction security will need some education. A high school diploma is not necessary unless the security company requires it for employment. It is a good idea for someone working in security to know how to shoot a gun and to do hand to hand combat. They hope that they will never need to use either of these skills but they are good to know if needed. Security personnel will need to know regulations regarding when a person can be apprehended or when to call the local police department. This training is usually part of the hiring process.

A background check is always part of the hiring process for security officers. People with backgrounds that have broken the law are not good candidates for security jobs. Fingerprinting is something that is required. It is usually a requirement to have a drug test before hiring. People on drugs or alcohol will never be good candidates for construction security.

Security services

People hired for security services have clean backgrounds, some education, training in combat and guns, and able to know what to do in various situations.