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Dead Sea Salt Products

Dead Sea salt products were first used when a spa specialist saw tourists gathering mud from the Dead Sea shore floor, and packaging it to take home with them. It was later discovered that Dead Sea mud and products derived from using the minerals that has formed in the Dead Sea. Although the water may be too salty for fish to exist in, the effects it has on human skin has proven to out-perform regular chemically induced skin and facial products. Since then many new Dead Sea salt products came about to the market shelves treating the most severe types of skin to the most sensitive, and the results stood out to make Dead Sea salt products one of the most popular and wanted skin care treatments in the world.

Benefits of Dead Sea Salt Products
  • Skin Benefits
  • Oral Hygiene Benefits
  • Health Benefits

What makes Dead Sea Salt
Products Special?

Just like any other treatment gets tested for the chemicals it was produced by, specialists took a look on what makes Dead Sea products special and found out that the amount of minerals in the water was tremendously high making it the healthiest natural product out there to be used for health reasons. It rejuvenates the skin much faster and firmer than other products and its uses can vary from facial use to an all over the body use. It is even recommended for people with skin diseases to make their skin's appearance glowing and healthy looking. Its oral benefits contain cleaning the mouth from any bacteria while working on soothing the gums and protecting the teeth.

Spas use Dead Sea products due to their believed therapeutic results that cause temporary pain relief for the patients applying it. Nowadays Dead Sea salt is considered one of the most effective natural remedies for skin care and pain relief.