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Desert Tours in Israel

Desert Tours in Israel Are Very Special

Desert tours in Israel could include Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Dead Sea, Masada, Galilee, Judean Desert, and more. Visitors can choose between one day tours and up to seven day tours!

Desert tours in Israel - Negev Desert:

Desert tours that include the Negev Desert come complete with fun activities such as riding in a jeep, camel riding, and hiking. The Negev Desert is famous for sites such as The Ramon Crater, the Small Crater, and the Timna Valley. Some of the most ancient trade routes in history can be seen in the Negev Desert; visitors can follow tracks of Nabatean merchants who crossed this beautiful land many years ago.

The Masada Desert Overlooking the Dead Sea:

Desert tours in Israel would not be complete without a visit to Masada and viewing the Dead Sea. Masada is on top of an isolated rock cliff on one end of the Judean Desert, and overlooks the Dead Sea. This makes Masada a place of cadaverous and impressive beauty. Masada is part of ancient history that includes Josephus Flavius and Herod the Great.

Bedouin Tents in Israel:

One exciting way to experience Desert tours in Israel is to visit the inside of a Bedouin tent. A Bedouin host will invite visitors inside the tent to relax around a fire and drink Bedouin tea. An ancient coffee making ceremony is also a part of the experience. The coffee beans roast on a fire while the host drums a traditional beat. He grinds the coffee in a stone mortar and also lets guests taste pieces of a fire baked pita.

Attractions and Special Places:

Attractions and special places are a very important part of Desert tours in Israel. The Tower of David Museum is a special place; this museum holds a history that is 3,000 years old and is full of history about Jerusalem.

There are many interesting national parks and forests to see in Israel, including Avdat National Park in the Negev Area, Esthtaol Forest in the Jerusalem area, and Yarkon and Tel Afek National Park in the Tel Afek area.

Bar Mitzvah trips:

Stand where Jesus stood and see what he saw by taking a trip for your Bar Mitzvah in Israel. Provide your son with a lifetime of memories and let him feel connected to Israel. The actual Bar Mitzvah ceremony and celebration could be organized as part of the tour.

Experience the land Jesus lived in and walk where he walked! Plan a trip including one of the desert tours in Israel today!