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Family Activity Holidays in Spain

 Touring Spain

Looking for fun filled family activity holidays in Spain? Then you will enjoy the fascinating rich cultural atmosphere as you tour around this breathtaking country. From brilliant artwork to mouthwatering cuisine, it will tantalize all senses.


Spain’s amazing architecture

There are many beautiful historical and modern architectural sites to be seen in different cities of Spain. Your family activity holidays in Spain can start off in beautiful Barcelona. Visit this wonderful city if you are looking to explore some of the most stunning historical sites like the La Sagrada Familia church.

If visiting Madrid make sure to visit the site of the Royal Palace, and if Granada is another city you end up exploring on your family activity holidays in Spain, make sure to visit the popular Alhambra.

All these historical places come with interesting background and stories for the history lover in all of us.

Spain has become more and more known for the modern day designs of their homes and buildings as well. From houses, to museums, and even bridges and universities, these unique buildings will captivate your eyesight.


Traditional events

What family activity holidays in Spain would be complete without seeing a real live “Fiesta Nacional,” better known as a bullfight; the striking and brave matador battling the ferocious mad beast. It’s known about all over the world even in story books. Madrid is one place you can find an elaborate arena filled with screaming fans for this exciting event.

Ever want to run with the Bulls? Then take your family activity holidays in Spain to Pamplona and enjoy yourselves at the “San Fermin Festival.” This festival happens every year from July 4-16. This festival also has many other folkloric events for the whole family to enjoy.


Visit Spain today  

So, what are you waiting for? Make plans to visit Spain with your family, it will no doubt be filled with many exciting things to see and do. Don’t forget to brush up on your Spanish!