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Lamarthe Paris

For over 80 years, Lamarthe Paris has specialized in superior leather handbags. In 1930, Alfred Lamarthe started to design handbags and other leather products for women in Paris. He was one of the first to use zippers and even Velcro on purses. Whatever he felt women would want, Alfred Lamarthe utilized in his handbags. His handbags started to become a must-have for the elite of Paris. The Lamarthe company started to rise to worldwide popularity in the 1970s when virtually every super-model of the era sported a Lamarthe Paris handbag slung over her shoulder. The company makes numerous handbag and wallet styles that come in a wide array of colors to fit any wardrobe.

The popular bags of Lamarthe Paris:

Gala Bag

In 1994, the Gala bag was released. It serves as bag for an upscale event. It is constructed from lizard skin and boasts gold accents.

Portofina Bag

The Portfina bag features smooth resin handles for easy gripping. Its simple accents make it ideal for everyday use.

Funny Bags

Lamarthe Paris company released the wildly popular Funny bags in 1999. The bag was perfect for any wardrobe because it boasted interchangeable handles to create different looks. The user could also opt to do away with the handles completely and only attach a shoulder strap.

Exception Bag

Elle magazine toted the Lamarthe Paris company's much coveted Exception bag as a 'must have' for any woman. Released in 2005, the Exception bag quickly became known as the Lamarthe Paris company's flagship bag. Available in many colors, the bag is ideal of an upscale event or a simple day shopping. Despite its high popularity, the Exception bag is only representation of the Lamarthe Paris handbag collection.

Spirit Bag

In 2006 Lamarthe Paris released the long awaited hip bag Spirit Rive Gauche.